On Saturday, April 16, the final phase of system installation in the demonstrative plant built in Jordan in the framework of STS-Med project has been presented to the project partners, who gathered in Irbid on a technical visit, and to local stakeholders from the research and business community. Millenium Energy Industries, business partner of the project, described the technical components and subsystems of the plant and the following phase of tuning, control and monitoring in operation. 

In the afternoon, during a round table, technicians and representatives from the industrial system discussed about the economic feasibility of the adoption of CS multigenerative systems.

Dr Esmat Karadsheh, Coordinator of ENPI CBC MED  Eastern Mediterranean Office,  participated in the event on behalf of the Programme, outlining the relevance of the theme in the strategic agenda of the previous programming period and also in the new ENI 2014-2020 framework.

The plant has been installed on the rooftop of an educational building in Al-Balqa University in Irbid, in the north of Jordan. The plant will generate electric power and cooling/heating by means of one single source which is solar energy. Solar energy will be collected and concentrated in a parabolic trough collector and then used to heat thermal oil to a temperature of 240oC. In summer, the hot thermal oil will drive: an absorption chiller to provide space cooling, a steam generator to generate superheated steam at 200oC which will be fed to steam turbine generating electricity (1.2 kW), an oil/water heat exchanger to generate hot water and store excess energy storage in tank. In winter, the hot thermal oil will drive the steam generator and the heat exchanger to generate hot water for space heating.

The integration of the STS-Med plant in Jordan with other advanced solar systems implemented in the same place under different EU-funded projects will enable the establishment of an educational energy lab, with benefits for the students, the researchers, the institutional actors and the business representatives from the local community.

The opening ceremony was held during the third technical visit of STS-Med where all the partners had the opportunity to share the next goals and activities of the project.