The Sun Med Festival is the first Solar Energy festival hosted by the city of Palermo from 30 September to 1 October 2016, organized by the Consorzio ARCA, the University of Palermo and the Municipality of Palermo.

The goal of the Sun Med Festival is to create awareness not only in students and researchers but in all the citizens, about the countless opportunities that solar energy offers to the environment, the climate and the economy. The Sun Med Festival will be a big celebration for the entire city of Palermo. The main aim of this event is to highlight the role that the Sun has had in the evolution of the Mediterranean civilisations and the opportunities that nowadays it offers in this area for an eco-friendly future.

The event is inspired by the end of the STS-Med project (Small scale thermal solar district units for Mediterranean communities), funded by the ENPI CBCMED Euro-Mediterranean cooperation program in order to promote the adoption of new technologies to improve energy efficiency in public and private buildings of the Mediterranean area. The project has led to the creation of four demonstrative plants based on solar concentration in Italy, Cyprus, Jordan and Egypt. During the Festival it will be inaugurated the multi generative solar plant realized inside the University Campus of Palermo.

The festival program provides for international exchanges between European projects, related to Solar Cluster, and various meetings designed for commercial and industrial partners, with the purpose of discuss the new frontiers of technology and increase business opportunities. But the Sun Med Festival is also a great celebration, with a timetable suitable for visitors of all ages and declined in different languages, so to engage diverse audiences.

During the Festival there will be a variety of activity and events dedicated to students and researchers, as well as to families, to young people, and to all citizens. Through workshops, exhibitions, exhibits of companies and startups working in the field, the audience will have the opportunity to discover the countless opportunities and all possible uses of the solar energy. There will be moments of entertainment in which will emerge, in an easy and comprehensible way, the references to the Sun in our culture: solar singing, talk, dance, theater performances, concerts, all still connected to the central theme of the Festival. Among the partners of the festival: ENEA (the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), Energia Media, IDEA, Italia Solare, Legambiente Sicilia, Palermo Scienza, Protezione Civile Sicilia, ANIMA Investment Network, ENPI CBC MED e AViTeM – Agence des Villes et Territoires Méditerranéens Durables.

All information about the Sun Med Festival are accessible from the official website and two social channels, Facebook and Twitter, who will tell about the preparatory phase of the festival and, in real time, all the 50 festival events that will take place: meetings, workshops, hackathon, games, concerts and workshops, alternating with exhibits and talks with some of the protagonists of the economy and innovation.

Sun Med Festival agenda