The transnational workshop on “Sustainable Energy solutions for the Mediterranean communities” to be held at ARCA on Saturday, October 1st, at 9.00 am, is one of the most important seminar at Sun Med Festival, the first Solar Energy festival hosted by the city of Palermo from 30 September to 1 October 2016. The workshop will deal with the solar source for renewable energy from different perspectives, namely: policies to foster green technologies, technical innovations and advanced applications, industrial advantages and social awareness of the relevance of clean energy.

Representatives from universities and research centres, from innovation agencies and public administrations, from international associations and technical bodies will debate to achieve a comprehensive view of the benefits coming from the adoption of advanced solar systems.

The workshop will start with a speech by Federico Martire from ENPI CBC MED Branch Office about  the new program guidelines, then and introduction by Fabio Maria Montagnino, Managing Director of Consorzio ARCA about the STS-Med project focusing on the development, implementation and diffusion of new technologies to improve energy efficiency in public buildings.

The different speakers will address the following issues:

  • Technical achievements in innovative solar applications
  • Industrial perspectives for advanced solar systems
  • Social involvement and awareness of local communities
  • Policies to foster green technologies from renewables

Award ceremony for the three projects selected during the Hackathon #HackTheSun

The transnational workshop, will be live streamed and participants have the opportunity to interact with the speakers and with the audience.

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The Sun Med Festival is an opportunity to host in Palermo a wider debate on the issues of the energy transition and sustainable development and how the transition to a model based on renewable resources represents an unrepeatable opportunity for economic and employment recovery in the Mediterranean area.

If you want more information about the Festival, or you want to know about all the activities you can download the full agenda at this link: