A comprehensive training program has been developed in each of the regional communities impacted by the project. Relevant site visits, technical seminars and conferences have been alterned to more structured short courses at both introductory and advanced level. An e-learning platform has been made available for authonomous training and for the follow-up of frontal lessons.
All the topics of interest for the design, implementation and management of solar polygenerative systems have been addressed both for technicians and students/young researchers. Training has also been an opportunity for the trasfer of competences among the project partners having different specializations and competences.
Specific hands-on training activities are envisaged as the demo plants will be at an advanced state of completion, with the aim to introduce the trainees into a real-world industrial enviroment, involving them in the finalization of the assembly and especially in the tuning and start-up process of the different subsystems and energy services that will be offered. The remote real time access to the operational data will enable comparative training sessions where the different behaviour of the four system at variable environmenal condition will offer an unique practical learning experience.

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