Minister of Higher Education, dr. Ashraf al-Shehhi, and General. Mohammed al-Assar, Minister of Military Production, in addition to Khaled Said El-Sharkia Governor, start to run a small thermal units plant communities of the Mediterranean region signal (solar thermal power station) Sekem park at Belbis on Friday, October 21.

Many participates are in the opening ceremony, Dr. Mohamed Sakr, President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), and a number of ambassadors, scientists and experts in the field of solar thermal power from Egypt, Italy, Cyprus and Jordan.

The Minister of Higher Education, said that is one of four stations Mediterranean region, the other are in Italy, Cyprus and Jordan, and produce electricity from the heat of the sun, used less complex technologyfor electricity production and water desalination, cooling and fit new agricultural government.

He pointed out that the project is especially in the cooperation between the Mediterranean countries and the importance of Egypt’s scientists, and contribute to the technology in Egypt and take advantage of the transfer, pointing out that scientific research projects turned to the industry provide real jobs, and create a product generates hard currency.

Maj. Gen. Khaled Said, Governor of the El-Sharkiaprovince, the project aims to develop, implement and deploy leading technologies for solar energy and adapt in order to improve energy efficiency in public buildings, through the design, implementation and development of models and small integrated solar concentration employs a range of flexible tools.

He continued: “It is the project helps in electricity, heating and cooling and desalination production to serve small communities in the Mediterranean, adding that the project represents a real starting point toward new horizons for scientific research in Egypt, there is full coordination between all stakeholders for the development of scientific research and exit of all projects to light”.

The Governor emphasized the need to take advantage of solar energy and the search for alternative energy, saying that the project represents the first of this production stems from the land of the El-Sharkiaprovince, which includes the industrial areas including many factories can benefit from the energy provided by the station to occur leap unsurpassed quality.

For his part, explained Dr. Amr Amin, the principal investigator for the project Academy and the decision of Energy Council of the Academy, that the project is funded by the European Union and participates in the implementation of four countries of the Mediterranean, pointing out that the project will cost 5 million euros, and that pilot plant, which was opend linked to the three stations the other in Italy, Cyprus and Jordan, and are used as a way station Research and cooling.

Dr. Mahmoud Sakr, President of the Academy of Scientific Research, ASRT, said that the project represents a model for the successes achieved in the field of scientific research which contributed to the networking of scientists from different countries and take full advantage of the exchange of experiences.

It is noteworthy that the station, which was a multi-generation inaugurated using concentrator solar flat capacity of approximately 100 kW in Bilbes inside the farm Sekem development civilized area, serving the station Medical Center Assembly building, which covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 963 square meters, covering the station about 35 tons of cooling air-conditioning loads of the building during the summer, with the supply of electricity super ability of up to 4 kW have been linked with the electrical grid of the building.

The project aims to provide technical solutions to facilitate the use of the proposed model in public buildings and installations; where the project is to establish four pilot units rely on solar concentrators technology.