STS-Med project focuses on the development, implementation and diffusion of pioneering solar technologies to improve energy efficiency in public buildings. The project has been deployed 4 demonstrative plants based on concentrating solar collectors for a total power of about 500 kW as a showcase for 20.000 end users and 20 Mediterranean local communities.

The four plants have been designed through computer simulation and market validation of components and subsystems. A requisite in the selection of the plant location has been the impact on the local communities in terms of potential visitor, educational activities, promotional events: two of them have been installed within university campus, one is linked to a local, well-recognized hospital and the last one is built on the roof of a school. Energy services are delivered to close buildings and all the demo plants are available to the research and industrial community as learning tools and they will be used as a testbed for future innovation and test of components that could help to improve the performances or to deliver new services.

Here the video: