WP1 - Project management and coordination

1.1 Design and implementation of the web site

1.2 Drafting the Task Planning Document

1.3 Progress monitoring and evaluation

1.4 Quality and risk management

1.5 Project meetings

1.6 Technical and financial reporting

WP2 - Communication and dissemination of results

2.1 Public awareness raising

2.2 Sensitization of stakeholders and. decision makers

2.3 Organization of technical workshops and report issuing

2.4 Draw-up of final handbook on project development and outputs

WP3 - Capitalization and exploitation of approach and results

3.1 Draw-up of sustainability strategy

3.2 Set up of stakeholders network

3.3. Validation and general standardization of innovative solutions

3.4 Exploitation of knowledge and intellectual property

3.5 Exploitation of pilot plants potential

3.6 Policy action plans for CS multigenerative systems adoption and development

WP4 - Market scenarios for CS multigenerative systems in Mediterranean area

4.1. Market studies on CS systems demand in the Mediterranean countries involved

4.2. Studies on policy issues

4.3 Requisite assessment for optimal. switching to CS multigenerative technology

4.4 Identification of case-studies of typical application of CS multigenerative systems

4.5 Impact assessment of the case studies for a broader implementation of innovative solutions

WP5 - System technology, integration and design of CS applications toolbox

5.1. Technical studies of the different technologies and subsystems involved

5.2 Choice of the optimal combination/ integration of technologies

5.3 Design and modelling of the CS toolbox

5.4 Localization and scaling to demonstration units

WP6 - Set-up of systems components at reduced scale and integration into demonstration units

6.1 Definition of single components

6.2 Site selection and design of the demonstration units

6.3 Commissioning of the demonstration units

6.4 System monitoring, fine tuning and optimization

6.5 Technical & economic assessment

WP7 - Transfer of know-how to train planners and installation engineers and professionals

7.1 Training with hands-on experience in the implementation phase

7.2 Training with hands-on experience in test units running

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